Bike Boost visitation and activity in Public Spaces

Easy and convenient access to bicycles,  encourages cycling.

Boomerang Bikes teams up with local government and organisations to encourage cycling and activate public spaces for locals and visitors.

The most effective locations are nearby the Visitor Information Centres (VIC), bike hire increases traffic into the centres, enable exploration by bike increasing the range of activities on offer. Riders tend to spend more time brfore and after their ride in the area.

Existing locations include:

  • Warners Bay Foreshore
  • The Entrance VIC
  • Nelson Bay VIC
  • Bathurst Regional Council VIC

Benefits to the Location:
Improved visitor experience – green, healthy, value priced activity that encourages exploration of the area
New activity for tourist and locals
Extends visitation – an activity that will increase spending in the area
Increased Advertising – in both print and online will help increase exposure in the region
Enhance the regions eco profile – offering an environmentally friendly transport option
Cycling map – will be developed to highlight the many aspects and attractions in the area
Various bikes – we can offer various bikes to suit the location
Pilot trial or permanent : 3 to 12 month trial to prove the benefits of automated bicycle hire to the area
Exeptional Customer Service – clients can contact us most times and if need be a full refund can be given.
Possible revenue stream –  We are keen to enter into license agreements
No cost or commercial risk – Boomerang Bikes owns the station and takes on all risk
No responsibility –Boomerang Bikes will service the bikes and station on a regular basis
No liability – we provide public and product liability insurance ($20M) on the bikes and station


Boomerang Bikes is growing, with new stations across the region and more in the planning

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