Bike Adult Bikes

Adult Unisex bicycles are designed for easy riding in an urban environment. They are built to be comfortable for any type of rider, regardless of height or riding ability. They have a 3 speed hub gear that makes changing gears easy.


Bike Childrens Bikes

All stations have bikes for children from 120cm up. They have 3 speed hub gears for easy gear changing. Some stations may also have smaller bikes for younger age. Go to your nearest location to see types of bikes


Bike Child Seat

All stations have bikes with at least 3 child seats. They are for children from upto 22kgs. If a child can sit up in a car child seat they should be suitabel for a bike child seat.  Go to your nearest location to see types of bikes

Child Seat

Child seats are generally designed for children from 1-5 years of age with a maximum weight of 22kg. If children can sit in a car child seat , then they  should be able to use a bike child seat


The rear basket is on all adult bikes that don’t have a child seat. Large enough to fit most backpacks or bags

Sturdy Frame

The aluminum frame is easy to straddle and has a low center of gravity for a more stable ride

Airless Tyres

Tyres have a solid insert so punctures never occur.

Adjustable Seat

The wide, padded saddle seat is comfortable and rain-resistant. The black lever at the bottom of the seat post allows you to adjust the seat to your height.  Adjust the seat height to allow your knee to bend slightly when your leg is in its most extended position.  Check that the seat is secured in position before starting to ride.

Handlebars & Shifters

The handlebars are designed to let you sit upright and enjoy greater visibility. The shifter is built right into the handlebar – just twist it to make pedaling easier (1) or harder (3).

Responsive Brakes

To brake, just squeeze the levers on both handlebars or pedal backwards to activate the rear brake.

Chain Guard

The metal chain guard prevents grease from getting on your pants or legs.



Boomerang Bikes is growing, with new stations across the region and more in the planning

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