Bike hire locations, click on each to visit our handy Micro-Sites for more details!  

  1. The Entrance Bike Hire  has two stations a total of 20 bikes for hire 
  2. Nelson Bay Bike Hire has  two stations a total of 12 bikes for hire
  3. Warners Bay Bike Hire has 8 bikes for hire
  4. Bathurst Bike Hire has two stations a total of  14 bikes for hire
  5. Port Macquarie Bike Hire with 8 bikes for hire
  6. Kings Cross Bike Hire with 4 bikes for hire
  7. Hawks Nest Bike Hire with 4 bikes for hire
  8. Ocean Beach Umina Bike Hire has 8 bikes for hire
Pricing:1 hr: $14, 4 hrs: $28, 24 hrs: $47, 72 hrs: $90
For bike delivery, long term or group hire click here


Cycling is becoming more and more popular, as a mode of transport, for recreation or for wellbeing. Our bike hire stations are so versatile to help develop any location. We are activating public spaces on bike paths, on coastal waterways and in regional cities. Retailers love the bike stations, they offer a new way to experience the area and riders always come back thirsty or hungry. Corporates such as Royal North Shore Hospital are using our stations to enhance their existing Ride to Work programs, plus encourage cycling before and after work.

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