Q: What does it cost to install a station on location?

A: In most cases it’s free to install either as permanent feature or for a trial period.  The goal of all our locations is for a long-term license agreement.  In some cases we will pay monthly or annual license fees.

Q: What length is the trial period?

A: Ideally 3 months but could be shorter or longer if suitable to all parties.

Q: How many and what type of bikes are at each station?

A: Stations are scalable from 4 to 32 bikes, which can be tailored to suit your location. In a trial period it is best to start with a minimum of 8 bikes, with a range of unisex and children’s bikes.

Q: What periods can I hire for?

We offer 1 hour, 4 hour, 24 hour and 72 hour hire periods on all our Bike Hire Stations. The price of each period can be tailored to suit any location.

Q: Who sets the price per hire?

A: Usually we collaborate with the location, based on needs and client base before setting a price for each hire period.  We offer various price structures.

Q: How is payment made?

A: By credit card only, no cash, Amex, Diners or debit cards are accepted.

Q: How many and what type of bikes are at each station?

A: This can be tailored to suit the clients and may alter based on seasonal factors etc. but may include, child seats, bikes for children & tandems

Q: How long after approval does it take to install?

A: Between 1 and 4 weeks to install.  Actual installation time is between 3 and 8 hours depending on the number of bikes, accessibility and location factors.

Q: What if something is damaged or stolen?

A: We take full responsibility on all maintenance issues and usually have agreements with local technicians or bike shop owners. Alternatively, we carry out servicing ourselves. Stolen or non-returned bikes have a $1100 fee charged to the credit card if the bike has not been returned by 5 hours over the hire period. It is almost impossible to remove a bike that is locked into a station.

Q: What about theft and vandalism?

A: The bikes and bike station are designed to be vandal and theft proof, based on bike share systems around the world and are suitable for outdoor use in all weather.

Q: What about customer service?

Boomerang Bikes has its contact details on all stations and bikes.  Complaints are attended to immediately and refunds can be issued on line the same day.

Q: What about helmets?

A: These are usually kept with a nearby retailer, hotel reception or workplace office entry.  It is rarely an issue, as retailers such as cafes etc. are keen to encourage patrons into their location that in turn can increase their sales.

Q: What about insurance?

A: All riders when they hire a bike agree to accept a waiver that makes them responsible for returning the bike and helmet undamaged, agree to the wearing of a helmet, following the road rules, accepting the risk of bike riding etc.

Boomerang Bikes has public liability on the bikes and station, Workers Compensation for staff along with Working With Children Checks.


Boomerang Bikes is growing, with new stations across the region and more in the planning

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