Bike Promote staff health and wellbeing while increasing productivity… give them bikes to ride

Easy and convenient access to bicycles encourages cycling.

Our Bike Hire Stations are an ideal way for corporate locations to increase productivity and/or staff health.  

Applications could include:

  • Encouraging ride to and from work by offering free or discounted bike hire, easy access to bikes will encourage cycling
  • Increasing productivity by increasing staff health with activities at lunch or before and after work time
  • Utilise bikes as a relaxing team building time
  • Multi site businesses enable staff to transfer from either location efficiently
  • Large Residential Complexes, looking to offer another transport option to residents for work or play

Companies offering Green alternatives and health initiatives are highly regarded by consumers

Cycling is a fun, healthy activity for all ages to enjoy


  • Encourage employees to a healthier lifestyle
  • Healthier Staff, less sick leave and more productivity
  • Build team unity by encouraging riding together to
  • Corporate Green footprint is increased
  • Usage is collected electronically for later evaluation.
  • No commercial risk – Boomerang Bikes owns the station and takes on all risk
  • No responsibility –Boomerang Bikes will service the bikes and station on a regular basis
  • No liability – we provide public and product liability insurance ($20M) on the bikes and station


Boomerang Bikes is growing, with new stations across the region and more in the planning

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