A Fun affordable way to explore the area.

With Family Bikes for all ages 

Located on or nearby dedicated bike paths 

that are safe, flat and easy to ride.

Pricing:     1 hr:  $15,    2- 4 hrs:  $32   24 hrs:  $48.  

3 days $90 ( $30 per day)    7 days  $154 ( $22/day)

Prices at some locations may be slightly more or less due to seasonal factors


To hire our bikes go to the nearest bike station location 

Follow the on screen prompts, payment is only by credit card



  • Are located on or near-dedicated bike paths that are safe, easy to ride. 

  • Follow the edge of a lake, beach, river or coastline

  • Offer pristine views, beautiful parks and fun playgrounds

  • Have lots of things to see and do

  • Are open 6 am until late every day